Feline Lang

Singer - Actress - Director - Writer
Everything I do I do with passion.

When I sing, I do it with all my heart, and body, and skill. When I compose, I always hear a full orchestra playing. When I write, I try to save the world with my words. When I impersonate, I grow into that person, and still keep full control over everything that happens on stage. When I put an opera on stage, a show, or a drama, you will find the full story, in rich detail, often showing up relationships and hidden meanings that you never found - even if this work has been with you all your life. Because I watch, I listen, and I read. It's all there.

  • Voice

    opera trained, souly, mezzo soprano

  • Stage

    Trained actress, dancer, fighter

  • Stories

    Writer, thinker, speaker, designer

  • Management

    Room for music and musicians


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